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Thanks to Raf for our latest product review:

"Comfiest fest pants ever! Great communication and fast shipping too. :) "

Thanks to Corey C. for our another recent product review:

"Great Harem pants. The material was very breatheable and wore the comfortably all day even in the LiB heat. The pocket button seems a little flimsy but it hasn't broken off yet."

Boho style harem pants:

Whether it's Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle or Shambhala, a big part of the fun of festivals is dressing up and showing off your personality. But you might worry about fitting in at a new festival. 12 years ago we at Karmic Wear went through that pain and we can't stand to let others go through it.  We put our heads together, talked to 1000s of people at 100s of festivals and learned the keys of festival fashion.  So let the experts at Karmic Wear make sure you always look great at every festival.  We've very scientifically (and sometimes magically) hand picked the hottest, most interesting, and eye catching patterns so that anyone will quickly recognize you as royalty in the scene. Don't ever be embarrassed by wearing some out of style Chinese knockoff Harem Pants.  Buy some KarmicWear™ today!


Remember, most other harem pants online ship from overseas and you will be waiting 4 weeks for them to arrive. Don't be stuck at your next festival with the same old boring pants everyone else is wearing (or no pants at all!?) All our masterpieces are carefully stored right here in sunny Los Angeles: ready to be whisked away into your hands within 2-4 business days!


Note: the unique stretchy elastic waists allow all our pants to be unisex. However our darker colors have a very manly, rustic feel to them while the brighter colors or floral designs strikingly flatter any woman.  


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For the sunrises watched cause dance legs can't walk home
for the hugs from a friend last seen last seen eons ago
for the cross country trip saved by a selfless deed...
These are the moments of Karmic Wear Life™

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